You have a vision... I have the tools

You have an idea, a vision, a message… and getting that transferred to a digital photo and/or a video is where I come in.  Working together and producing your content starts with a conversation.

It helps if you can provide a “mood” board of what you’re looking for. A “mood” board is as simple as providing me with a few links to videos or pictures that you’re looking to replicate for your own needs.

The power of images and especially video cannot be over stated. Certainly, accurate and well written descriptions or messaging is still necessary. Coupling your written/spoken content with powerful and original images/video helps to ensure the success of your goals.

I have access to professional gear and a freelance team of contributors that well work to produce the very best content. Initial consultations are free and an opportunity to provide you with a clear plan of how I will take that vision you have floating inside your head onto a digital medium others can see and hear.

The creative process requires that both parties are on the same page and comfortable with one another. If either one of us feel like we are not making for a good fit, no harm, no foul…  I always focus on my clients ( as well as my own…) comfort with one-another from day 1. 

Initial quotes/costs well be based on the scope of work and the end results you are looking to obtain.


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