About me : )

My name is NEFTALI and capturing those candid moments in one’s life has always been my focus. We often assume when we point out something for someone else to look at, they’ll see what we see. Unfortunately, they don’t always possess the same point of view. But, when you can control that point of view, the message can become so much more clearer!

Sharing my passion with a clients vision or message is my goal.

Sharing the vision

Growing up in the 70’s and 80’s I was always a movie buff. A chance to escape my everyday mundane life, if only for a couple of hours. The smell of popcorn, sweet taste of a fountain drink and a little time to myself to suspend disbelief and enter a different world has always stayed with me.


“As long as I’am breathing in my eyes, I am just beginning”

Criss Jami


There really is a whole other world out there

Life is short and the time we have on this plain should be fully taken advantage of. I’m doing my best to take in what is offered. 

Start your journey

As a content creator I can help offer clarity to your vision and with creative photography. Bring life to your vision...

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