Shooting properties both Residential and Commercial is a type of photography I find both challenging and rewarding. Contact me today to help get your listings sold/leased faster.

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Creating clean and useable images of your listings can grab attention from perspective buyers, investors and tenants. Marketing those listings is so very important and having great images is the first step!


Shooting properties is not just about shooting straight lines and capturing every bit and piece in the shot. Certainly it's important to honestly reflect the property as it exists. That said, it's equally important to show the character of a listing that will attract a potential buyer or tenant to want to see your property in person!


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Grabbing those perfect property shots for clients or just myself is my focus. Servicing the greater Phoenix area I offer 24 hour turn around on most listings. I offer video tours and for Commercial Retail/Service listings I offer event/atmosphere shots, which are ideal for marketing purposes.

Showing the vibe and character of a place is just as important as the 4 walls that hold it up. Images and video can really accomplish that like no other format can : )


I work to offer 24hr turnaround on listings up to 3000 sq/ft and 48hr on listings to 6000 sq/ft. Time is critical to a listing agent and I understand that. *Exceptions for technical/inclement weather causes beyond my control.

Listings to 3000 sq/ft

$175/ea or purchase packs of 4 for $500

listings to 6000 sq/ft

$250/ea or purchase packs of 4 for $800

commercial listings

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Insured for liability and damage/ $1,000,000 by FullFrame insurance